Affiliate marketing
made easy!

Get access to multiple online tools to drive your own affiliation business with a large and live updated dataset for your price comparison service.

Automate and optimize

Be a smart affiliate

Through an intelligent developed system, Compriso lets you automate the trivial and manual work that are normally associated with affiliation of services, while offering exceptional tools to optimize earnings on your website.

Get Exclusive Access

Get access to premium tools and data from the largest providers within telecommunication, insurance etc.

Measure Success

Monitor campaign effectiveness, see how you perform and which tools or specific products that offer the greatest return.

Increase Profits

With the most precise dataset in the market and detailed analytics you can optimize your earnings like never before.

Want to work with us?

How We Can Help

Compriso offers products that would work with most online businesses. From large News Medias to small price comparison websites, we have a wide selection of unique services, that can stimulate your current business.

Increase the turnover of your articles and your digital platform. Get access to exclusive data, resources, etc. Compriso has developed tools specifically for the news industry.
Join Compriso’s affiliate network and get exclusive access to live updated rates, customized tables, exciting promotions, etc. We can supply data from within the insurance, telecommunication, broadband, money and energy sector.
Compriso helps NGOs to raise money. Get in contact to hear more.


Who we work with

As a premium supplier of data and tools within complex services, we've worked together with online medias, NGOs and Price Comparison Websites.


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